What We Do

It's How We Do Things

There are many equipment providers out there, but the way we do business is what sets KEC apart from the pack.

  • We tackle the complex challenges so you can stay focused on the operation.  
  • We challenge our customers to be the best, so you can get the most payback.  
  • We filter the vast array of new technology, info and trends so you can stay relevant.
  • We prove to our customers that doing it right the first time pays off. 
  • We do what's needed to help you open on time and in budget.
  • We invest in your brand.

decision makers Trusts us

Independent Restaurants & Bar Owners; Architects, GCs, Plumbing and Lighting Contractors; National Chain Construction Departments; Franchisees and GMs; Multi-unit Restaurant Groups; School & University Foodservice Directors; Sorority and fraternity Headquarters & Boards; Assisted Living and Daycare Center Directors; Business & Industry Stakeholders; Baristas and Grab n Go; Service Managers