Service & Support Teams

Customer Service

Going beyond the sale is just what we do.

It's easy to say you're a customer focused organization, and it’s much harder to prove. KEC believes that customer service is an attitude as much as it is a skill. We hire people who have restaurant and bar experience. People who love the industry, the people and the lifestyle, but need a more regular schedule. This means we 'get' this business and are happy to assist beyond the normal 8-5 shift. Our team takes email, texts and calls when you need us and works toward a solution immediately.

Project Support

Our logistics team reaches out to you, guiding your install from start to finish.

Post Install:

Support for the project effort is as important as support for the individual customer. Project support is what happens prior to and after our equipment arrives on your job site. Our logistics team reaches out to you prior to an install to confirm what details of your delivery, and then after the install to assess any issues, damaged or missing items. We then work with the freight carriers on claim resolution.


As our documentation processes are completely electronic, so are our accounting practices. We offer ACH payment terms, accept credit cards, provide pre-delivery invoicing, final settlement packages and subscribe to real-time updates for accurate taxation throughout the U.S. We also invoice electronically (approximately 90% of our business is conducted this way).


We work with our multi-unit customers to develop tools to encourage their team to use KEC and their preferred pricing, rather than race down the street to their big box store.