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Smallwares, Countertop Equipment & Sanitation Supplies

In our Warehouse Showroom, we stock only the most commonly used smallwares and can secure most items quickly and efficiently.

In our Warehouse Showroom, we stock only the most commonly used smallwares for general operators in the midsize markets, and can secure most any other items quickly and efficiently. Because of our chain volume buying power, even as a ‘small shop’ we have prices comparable to many of the online shopping outlets.

Many people wonder how we survive in the competitive online marketplace and our answer is simple: because we know our stuff! The online dealers might tout a great bargain, but have you ever tried to return an item? Have you ever asked for an opinion about how a particular piece of equipment works? Do you think they service the item after the sale? KECresco does and that’s why we’re still in business, converting online buyers all the time.

Plumbing, Bathroom Fixtures & Supplies

We've worked hard to partner with the top brands so you get the best product and service available.

We see about as many plumbers in our showroom as we do restaurateurs. Why? Because we are a national account for Bobrick, Zurn and T&S Brass. This is because we know how to expedite a new restaurant build out and squeeze out excessive time delays and money spent by stocking high quality plumbing and bathroom fixtures, something that all foodservice operators need (even though it’s not a top priority for our chefs, who don’t often think about these things). Plus, we can supply replacement parts and gaskets for all major pieces of commercial refrigeration at a fraction of the price you would get from a parts dealer or service agent.

While we supply many local plumbing contractors, this business line also enables us to supply it for chain and multi-unit operators. Instead of your GC buying plumbing at a much higher rate and mark-up to you, we leverage our national buying power to get better pricing for your build out.

Lighting – A National Distributor for Philips®

Step into the light with volume pricing inventory.

Light bulbs are an unconventional product for a restaurant equipment supplier to stock, but for our customers it makes all the sense in the world.

Our foodservice clients need to SEE in their operation, and they love to save money on their energy costs. So we carry a standard line of lamps (bulbs to the layman) at a price you can get at any big box store. So when you come in for your smallwares, remember to get your lamps too.

For bigger projects, we also supply a standard line of track lighting, parts, menu board lighting and because of our volume, can get special lighting for your ambient lighting needs.


Passing the savings on to you.

We don’t sell used equipment, but we do sometimes have some valuable equipment in stock that was damaged in transit or was provided to us as a sample at a discounted price. Contact us for a current list of Scratch-n-Dent items.

Custom Webstores Create Brand Consistency

YOUR custom, approved smallwares at YOUR custom, approved pricing.

KEC operates proprietary webstores stocked with YOUR custom, approved smallwares at your custom, approved pricing so your franchisees or managers can order what they need with ease. Our purchasing specialists keep on top of what you need, negotiate with the suppliers and bring into stock what you need based upon annual volumes. We ship all products via Fed Ex and ship same day (for orders placed by a predetermined time). Depending on order volume we may offer free shipping for specified dollar volume of purchasing.

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