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You Gotta Guy

You Gotta Guy

Tuesday, March 31, 2015/Categories: Case Studies


While exhibiting at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas in March of 2015, KECdesign met the operator of Joes New York Pizza. At the show, the proprietor lamented about the challenges in finding someone who understood both foodservice equipment AND commercial kitchen & bar layout and design. KECdesign said, “You gotta guy.”


Joe’s first location had been a retrofit in existing space. The new location was a large empty box in a strip mall, and full scale design was required. In addition, the new space had some odd construction obstacles that had to be worked around, and it would have a full bar, which was not an area of Joe’s expertise. To complicate matters, the initial design provided by an architect was incomplete and didn’t take into account critical workflow elements in a foodservice operation.


KECdesign suggested Joe’s to go through the proprietary Diagnostic Process, which would identify the key issues with their current kitchen and bar layout based upon their menu, their business plan, and the goals of their organization. This diagnostic would identity weaknesses in 5 Key Areas of Commercial Kitchen Design, summarize the findings, identify solutions, and plan out the next steps for the design and procurement of their equipment. 

Based upon this analysis, KECdesign identified flaws in the current design of Joes New York Pizza that would significantly hinder the operation: 

  • Warewashing area had inadequate equipment specified that would hinder labor, smallwares inventory and potential cleanliness of tableware.
  • Items on the menu did not have suitable equipment for optimal execution.  
  • Above all, the space utilization choked the restricted kitchen layout resulting in inefficiencies of design and would negatively impact the customer experience.

KECdesign evolved Joe’s design while maintaining the integrity of the operator’s vision. By reconfiguring, adding additional and correcting equipment choices, and showing greater utilization of the available space, their kitchen would be vastly improved. We were confident that we could solve all of their issues without any reduction in size to the front of house and dining space.