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IT & Programming Assistant

IT & Programming Assistant

Thursday, July 25, 2019/Categories: Job Posting

The IT Assistant reports to Director of Technology Solutions in providing support to all staff who support our external customer base.


Primary Duties


·       Technical Support

o   Provide assistance to staff on information systems as necessary including (but not limited to) the MS Office;  electronic document management system; software usage, cloud based systems; GP Dynamics, VoIP phones, and others as needed

o   Troubleshoot end user hardware and software issues in a ‘help desk’ style

o   Create instructions for new enhancements when needed as user guides, job aids and training manuals


·         General Maintenance

o   Develop a planned maintenance schedule for physical cleaning and upkeep of all systems

o   Physical cleaning of server room including components including cooling and filtering devices

o   Periodically check staff workstations, cables, connections, ipads, cell phones, etc.

o   Maintain and stock IT office.


·      Computer Systems Maintenance

o   Perform and assist in performing system upgrades for software and hardware related components; including full system maintenance activities outside of normal office hours

o   Perform client installs for new hires and rebuilds for current employees and remote set up

o   Develop a schedule to ensure remote employees systems are working optimally


·      Online Presence

o   Update and manage content on company websites

o   Update key text for search engine optimization quarterly

o   Work with website team to manage and publish information on proprietary customer webstores

o   Work with IT team to maintain operational integrity of websites and webstores

o   Assist IT with social media in alignment with marketing goals




Secondary Duties


·      Programming Assistance

o   Work with IT team on to support programming needs

o   Work with data analytics team to support reporting needs

o   Work with IT team on simple proprietary programming needs as they arise

o   Research programming options/alternatives as needs arise


·         Communications with support vendors

o   Monitor outside technology vendors for upgrades, up and down time.  

o   Document and communicate service outages and report as necessary


·         Assist Director of IT Solutions

o   Annual research for budgeting purposes

o   Monthly report generation

o   Weekly project management updates

o   Research on solutions of all types as needed


·         Special Projects as Required