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In Your Business - KECdesign

In Your Business - KECdesign

Wednesday, March 30, 2016/Categories: Industry Commentary, News/Events, Operator Know-How

Established in 2000, Kec Design was founded by Dan Proctor in the dark basement of his Villa Park home with nothing more than a vision, two business partners with an established distribution center and a survival instinct gleaned from his family’s restaurant equipment dealership on University Ave. in Champaign. Proctor had been working for a national food distribution company as a Contract & Design specialist when he had a disagreement with a superior about a little sandwich chain with a big idea - Jimmy Johns. To keep pace, Proctor needed a team - and his boss wouldn’t budge. So, Proctor left the organization and KECdesign was formed with a better model to serve franchise accounts. In 2006, the company was reinvented again to serve its growing customer base, and Proctor bought his partners out.

Headquartered in Champaign, IL, KECdesign operates three divisions, and works on a local, regional and national scale with customers who share their excitement for the foodservice industry. Since its creation, KECdesign has been focused solely on pleasing the customer by staying ahead of trends and developing creative solutions to problems. Their passion for information, speed, ingenuity, solid design, creative equipment applications and staying informed on current and new technology has driven KECdesign from the beginning. This culture continues to move KECdesign forward today and has been a key factor in their stability and growth.

They currently have 34 employees and are hoping to add to their team this year. Their company culture is fast-paced, direct and youthful. The 40,000 square foot KECdesign facility even features a “mojo” room equipped with a ping pong table for staff to enjoy. Although they have fun and enjoy themselves, the team at KECdesign are detail-oriented and pride themselves on their ability to execute. They typically ship between 100-150 packages per day via FedEx - 90 percent of which leave the facility on the same day that they were ordered.

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