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Sunday, January 11, 2015/Categories: Case Studies


Builder/Owners of an Illinois assisted living facility had established a presence with one facility and planned expansion into other markets. In the initial buildout, Owners chose to source their commercial kitchen equipment & supply needs through their food distributor. The process, which seemed like a sound business decision initially, became increasingly problematic, less efficient and more costly over time as the company expanded its operation. 


Outsourcing commercial kitchen equipment to a food distributor required the client to rely on information from competing suppliers - food vendors selling equipment, janitorial supply houses peddling smallwares, and impersonal online shopping storefronts. The result was an equipment selection process that lacked focus and expertise. Without these foundations of success, problems filtered through the operation:

  • Equipment did not meet customer expectations, as too many people were involved
  • Construction workers were receiving equipment, which was often displaced on the job site
  • People untrained in the nuances of foodservice equipment were installing equipment
  • Customer expectations for usage were not met, because information about innovations in foodservice equipment was unavailable
  • Energy efficiency and long-term equipment value were sacrificed for ‘quick fix’ product solutions
  • The Owners were frustrated and poised to lose time, money and competitive advantage long-term. 

KECdesign Advice

Work with a company that specializes in foodservice kitchen design, equipment specification, staging and installation. Examine alternate equipment solutions that offer greater energy efficiency, lower operating costs and improved output.

KECdesign Solution

When the Owners began to see the importance of a consolidated and sophisticated approach to food service equipment acquisition, they chose the professionals at KECdesign and achieved the following benefits:

  • Extensive knowledge of operations allowed Owners to examine equipment usage and alternatives with ease
  • A well orchestrated quoting process made the equipment package easy to understand, and replicate, for the future 
  • Better equipment selections met performance expectations for improved output, energy efficiency and lower operating costs
  • A single trusted resource provided hassle-free equipment acquisition, consolidation, delivery and installation
  • Offsite equipment staging reduced the delivery time of equipment & supplies to a single day
  • With a properly managed equipment process, the Owners could focus on construction, completion and marketing of new facilities
  • A competitive edge was gained because better tasting, healthier food could be served more efficiently

KECDesign Price

KECdesign’s solutions improved topline results through staff productivity and bottom-line results of saving money. This let Owners focus on their niche building facilities to meet the needs of a changing population.