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Offered Endless Advantages

Sunday, January 11, 2015/Categories: Case Studies


Modular BarRestaurateurs with west coast experience returned to their roots in the Midwest to open a ground-up concept in Central Illinois. They believed the market was “starving” for an enhanced dining experience.


The restaurant was designed with a high-end show kitchen and this concept was to be replicated in the bar. The “open” design would face the dining room on one side and a small banquet area on the back. The bar was to become the room divider and all service items would be visible to patrons.

Sound Advice

KECdesign recommended a modular bar solution. Unlike traditional bars, installed onsite by crafts-man, KECdesign recommended a modular bar solution that was fully engineered and prefabricated to contractor specs at the factory. All plumbing and electrical “cut outs” were completed before delivery and all architectural ele-ments were in place. This solution offered these benefits.

Reduced errors and labor costs, because all requirements were configured during the "design-phase" rather than the “construction phase.”

  • Improved and reduced bar installation time, because all pieces were prefabricated to fit properly before installation.
  • Minimized repair "down time" because front millwork panels and mechanical connections could be accessed immediately.
  • Opened the restaurant sooner, because the bar con-struction process only took 3 days from arrival to be fully functional.

The proprietors were excited about the modular bar die solution because:

  • The completely engineered underbar line-up fully ad-dressed their service needs.
  • The plumbing, electrical, soda and beer lines were convenient to access, but hidden from customer view.
  • The all steel and stainless steel construction was highly durable and fully compliant with NSF standards.
  • It was a much cleaner bar environment. With its full clearance all exposed floor could be mopped easily re-ducing spillage odor on porous surfaces. And with no hidden chase ways – mold growth, rodent and insect accessibility was significantly reduced. 

Proven Solution

This solution offered patrons a contemporary, fine dining experience that was consistent with the interior design, show kitchen and the owners’ vision. Customers would not see excess cords, wiring, cleaning supplies or even dirty exposed mop head strings at the bar. In the end, the bar was as aesthetically pleasing for the guests in the banquet area as it was for those in the dining room.

Unbeatable Price

KECdesign was able to secure the best overall price on the project to pass along to the customer. This was in addition to the labor and time savings enjoyed in the construction process