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Americans Spend More on Dining Out Than On Groceries…

Americans Spend More on Dining Out Than On Groceries…

Tuesday, April 14, 2015/Categories: Industry Commentary

And that’s why KECdesign is in business. Because as people want more restaurants with better menu variety, the demands of the operator change. Customers expect a quality product with faster service, at a price in alignment with their perception of quality. It’s a tough business and not everyone can survive. 

 At KEC, we are more than a restaurant equipment dealer. Our business is all about improving your customer’s dining experience, and we might just be as passionate about it as you. 

 You’ll find that our approach is non-traditional. Our experts advise, design, equip and support all aspects of a foodservice operation. We ask the tough questions that challenge our customers to improve their operation in this very demanding industry. 

  •  We work hard to understand your unique needs. 
  •  We don’t always say yes. 
  •  We challenge you to think outside of the box. 
  •  We offer our expertise to improve your business. 
  • We want you to be successful and we want to be a part of YOUR story. 

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