Our Process


Our process is a partnership.

Running a restaurant, bar or any foodservice operation is a simple concept that can be very tough to execute well. The complexities increase exponentially if you are growing a chain. At KECdesign, we break down the complex aspects of equipping your foodservice operation into manageable pieces and partner with you every step of the way.

KECD Workflow

KEC’s Three Kinds of Customers

Our chain and multi-unit customers are generally looking for a full service solution that draws upon all of the components outlined here. Their needs are broad and deep, and they look for a single source, full partner who is extension of their brand to:

  • solve equipment & workflow problems
  • recommend innovative equipment solutions
  • interface with their construction team
  • manage regional or national logistics
  • provide technical support for their operation

Our independent restaurants & bars, schools or hospitals have periodic needs that require special ‘triage’ attention. They may have an equipment failure, a change in menu or a dining room remodel, which requires new equipment, furniture or ongoing replacement smallwares. KEC keeps abreast of codes and new technology to improve even the small operation and stocks the essentials for any commercial kitchen. The same kind of expertise is needed, but on a smaller scale.

Other customers may have strict budgetary mandates and are looking for creative solutions to procure equipment. KEClease is our equipment leasing arm to help fund certain purchases.