Our Roots


Dan Proctor, Founder of KECdesign
Dan Proctor, Founder of KECdesign
Established in 2000, KECdesign was founded by Dan Proctor after having worked for Rykoff/Sexton which later became U.S Foodservice in the greater Chicagoland area. After a very frank conversation and disagreement with a superior regarding the growth potential and needs of the then emerging Jimmy John’s chain, Proctor realized a new business model with the customer as the focalpoint was needed. He left and started KECdesign with nothing but sweat equity, a young client with a big vision, and the survival instinct gleaned from years working in his family’s restaurant equipment dealership. Proctor bought out his partners in 2006.

The passion for information, speed, ingenuity, solid design, creative equipment applications and staying on top of technology has driven KECdesign from day one, and is the culture that continues today.

Headquartered in Champaign, IL, KECdesign operates three divisions, and works on a local, regional and national scale with customers who share their excitement for the foodservice industry. Dan leads his team of 30 in KECdesign's continued expansion.