Equipment Solutions

At our core, we’re foodservice equipment experts.

Equip is a simple way of describing a very complex process. It is KEC’s core capability and represents bulk of the work we do. Equip refers to the entire scope of project and process management activities needed to make sure your restaurant opens on time, on budget and according to plan. Unlike most dealers, KEC is not a member of a buying group and that means you get the right equipment for your operation, not what we want to sell in order to get the back end deals. Here’s how we do it:

Value Engineering of Equipment Solutions:

KEC can execute well to carve dollars out of any package. This includes:

  • Evaluating your plans, and finding better priced items without sacrificing quality
  • Negotiating volume pricing: is leveraging relationships and partnerships with vendors
  • Narrowing the number of vendors specified on equipment schedules

Reduce Sources:

KEC’s team typically finds that equipment schedules are sourced to many unrelated vendors. The KEC system can pare your vendors down to improve your time management and costs.

Process Management:

We are more than an equipment dealer-we are project managers who are a bit maniacal about PROCESS IMPROVEMENT, LOGISTICAL EFFICIENCIES and MATERIAL FLOW to your job site. This involves a better partnership between the GC and the KEC and “commandeering” the little stuff to make this process easier for the customer. It requires being organized, getting coordinated and purchasing consolidation.


All quotes are prepared using a web-based quotation and database system to produce fast, accurate quotes with photos, precise measurements and factory descriptions with pictures for clarity in review and purchasing.

Job Site Delivery:

We operate on a FIFO system – first equipment needed in your operation, first packages out of our warehouse. This reduces the hassle of lost or damaged items moved around the jobsite and reduces the number of changes orders processed because your materials arrive when you need it.

KEC’s Installation = Your “Insurance Policy”

We provide installation services, so you can focus on other aspects of your operation.

If you’re not sure how to install your new equipment you might want our install supervisors to handle it for you. We provide installation services to unload, uncrate, assemble, and set in place your equipment so you can focus on other aspects of your operation.

We also offer a variety of options for installation and consolidation that you pick based upon your needs, from owner installs, supervised installs and full KEC installs. For local or regional projects, KEC’s 50,000 square foot warehouse is used as the consolidator, for national projects, we work with a network of consolidators to store your equipment until you’re ready for it to be delivered.

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